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Growing Up Amid Guns and Grenades in Kashmir

Growing Up Amid Guns and Grenades in Kashmir

By Snober Binti Zahoor Couple of bomb blasts in Srinagar — the summer capital of Indian Kashmir – in late 1980s had heralded the beginning of a deadly and a protracted anti-India rebellion in the Valley of tall mountains, lush green meadows and crystal clear waters. On a lazy summer afternoon, my mother told me

Peerzu: Rendezvous For Disgruntled Kashmir Youth

Peerzu restaurant, sited on the banks of picturesque Jhelum river in Kashmir’s summer capital Srinagar, is fast turning out into one of the most sought after meeting points for youth, especially journalists, writers and activists, says Altaf Bashir Besides their personal lives, youth visiting the island restaurant chat about various contours of the Kashmir dispute –

In Pictures: ‘Where Are Our Loved Ones?’

On the occasion of International Human Rights Day, sit-ins and demonstrations were held across Kashmir valley Tuesday to protest the human rights abuses, allegedly at the hands of Indian forces, during more than two-decade-old bloody conflict. The organizers of Haqeeqat-e-Kashmir – a parallel concert held earlier this year to oppose conductor Zubin Mehta’s Shalimar Garden

Of Guns And Stones: Revisiting The Kashmiri Resistance

The colonialism and imperialism accentuated by the industrial revolution and the scientific advancements saw the majority of the countries across Asia, Africa and America falling in the jaws of European powers. These imperialist powers transformed the political, social, cultural and economic life of the colonies under subjection with the avowed objective to perpetuate their rule

Kabir Suman Sings A Song ‘For Zubin Mehta And Kashmir’

“Will your music weep for the martyrs Seventy thousand Kashmiris killed Will your music bring back the thousands Disappeared in the shadows of the hills.” These are a few lines from a song, entitled ‘For Zubin Mehta and Kashmir’ (Listen To The Song Here), written by Kabir Suman, an Indian politician and a Kolkata-based musician/ songwriter,