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Why I Worry About Muslims?

Why I Worry About Muslims?

Mohammad Hanif KARACHI, Pakistan — I worry about Muslims. Islam teaches me to care about all human beings, and animals too, but life is short and I can’t even find enough time to worry about all the Muslims. I don’t worry too much about the Muslims who face racial slurs in Europe and America, the

Right-Wing Feeds On Economic Insecurity

By Naim Naqvi Our world is a global village and people have been migrating from one place to another since prehistoric times for survival, better life and bright future. Succeeding races changed their geography and the turn of events changed their habits, religions and often hues of their skin colour and features. Nothing is constant in

Time To Switch To Islam’s Golden Age

It’s time to take a leaf from our glorious past if we want to come out of the morass of ignorance, backwardness and slavery, says Mohammad Zubair-u-din There is no denying the fact that Islam attaches great importance to knowledge and education. That education is the starting point of every human activity is evident from