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In Pictures: ‘One Billion Rising’ in Delhi

In Pictures: ‘One Billion Rising’ in Delhi

For thousands of people, who turned up at the Central Park in New Delhi’s Connaught Place, Valentine’s Day wasn’t a rose-colored or a starry-eyed gala as the popular culture wants it to be, says Dar Faisal Instead, it was an occasion to join hundreds of school-going children, volunteers from various charities and musicians who were

‘Marry Only One’, Qur’an Only Scripture To Say So

One among many fallacies being spread to denigrate Muslims is that “Islam is the only religion that encourages polygamy’ i.e. a man can marry more than one wife. While Islamophobes blame Qur’an for what they say ‘encouraging’ polygamy, feminists criticize it for not ‘extending the similar rights to women’. Are both these groups right in