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India Is Secular Because Most Hindus Are Secular: Former CEC Quraishi

India Is Secular Because Most Hindus Are Secular: Former CEC Quraishi

New Delhi, Oct 1 ——— Intolerance is indeed rising in society but it is not likely to last long as communal polarisation has been a cyclic phenomenon in the country and most Hindus are secular, former Chief Election Commissioner S.Y. Quraishi has said. He also stressed that hate-mongering is not likely to go very far

Religious Census A Fodder For Hate Politics?

Will the religious census released by the central government on Tuesday stir up India’s political cauldron? Reports from two states with a sizeable Muslim population suggest that it just could. In Uttar Pradesh, the answer seemingly is in the affirmative, fear many, as the already polarized polity of India’s most politically crucial state is set

Why A Pandit Says No To Kashmir

Three years ago, I had a candid chat with a Kashmiri Pandit whose palatial house in Srinagar is occupied by paramilitary forces. He owns couple of apartments in Indian northern satellite city of Gurgaon, runs a property business and is doing very well financially. Our conversation started with the mention of snow-clad mountain peaks, fresh

‘Holy Cow’ and Right-Wing Militant Vegetarianism

By refusing to admit a Public Interest Litigation (PIL), an Andhra Pradesh High Court bench has failed to be sagacious enough to rise up to a situation, dangers of which to communal harmony in the state are not just alarming, but way beyond catastrophic. The PIL filed by Advocate Ghulam Rabbani had pleaded for what

‘Marry Only One’, Qur’an Only Scripture To Say So

One among many fallacies being spread to denigrate Muslims is that “Islam is the only religion that encourages polygamy’ i.e. a man can marry more than one wife. While Islamophobes blame Qur’an for what they say ‘encouraging’ polygamy, feminists criticize it for not ‘extending the similar rights to women’. Are both these groups right in

Battling ‘Love Jihad’ To ‘Protect Women’

“For the first time, Jats and Muslims are fighting each other. This is a great achievement. Jats have begun thinking like Hindus first. If more Hindu castes fight with Muslims, it will be better for us. BJP will benefit.” From the limited coverage of the communal riots in Muzaffarnagar on Indian TV channels, one can conclusively