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Kashmir: Timeline Of Killings In Separatist Violence In 2015

Kashmir: Timeline Of Killings In Separatist Violence In 2015

  Srinagar, Dec 31 — Violence continued to take its toll in Kashmir and in the outgoing year 2015. 197 people, both combatants and civilians, lost their lives. The graph of violence came down slightly this year. Militancy related incidents had claimed 220 lives in 2014. Among the 197 total killings this year, 102  are militants,

Review: Journalist’s Book Exposes Indian Army’s Staged Encounters

 Through shocking and revelatory confessions of an Indian Army officer on extrajudicial killings and state-sanctioned murders by the armed forces, journalist Kishalay Bhattacharjee’s latest book depicts how Indian state is built on violence and questions how a democracy can sustain acts which violate human rights for decades together. In his book, “Blood on my hands”

Kashmir Floods: Indian media fails us, again

Muhammad Zubair-u-din When Indian state of Uttarakhand was caught in the worst ever deluge last year, the focus of media – and rightly so – was pinpointing the failures of the state government and other agencies of the central government so that precious lives are saved. However, priorities and preferences changed when it came to