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Why I Worry About Muslims?

Why I Worry About Muslims?

Mohammad Hanif KARACHI, Pakistan — I worry about Muslims. Islam teaches me to care about all human beings, and animals too, but life is short and I can’t even find enough time to worry about all the Muslims. I don’t worry too much about the Muslims who face racial slurs in Europe and America, the

Why Non-Muslims Want To Convert To Islam After Snapchat’s #Mecca Live

Devotees at Makkah have given non-Muslims a unique and intimate insight into one of Islam’s holiest nights by sharing images from inside the city. Muslims were able to collaborate and share personal videos of Makkah using Snapchat’s Live Story feature, which collects submitted clips and splices them together before releasing the best footage to all

What Is Wrong With Religions?

By Mohamad Zubair-u-din The history of various religions coincides with the beginning of human life on earth. The scientific (logical) reasons assigned for the discovery of religion and the associated beliefs revolve around the concept that man found it difficult to explain the reasons behind different natural phenomena like the coming down of the rains,

The Ottoman Revival

By NAVEED QAZI July 2014 marks the 100th anniversary of the fall of the all-powerful Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans had victoriously marched the streets of Damascus on September 26, 1516, but 402 years later they had to taste defeat. The Ottoman Empire was one of the most powerful Islamic Empires (1290-1918). In 16th century, entire