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Kashmiri Idiom ‘Gindnas Paeth Wadnas’ Explains It All

Kashmiri Idiom ‘Gindnas Paeth Wadnas’ Explains It All

Just rewind to your school days when you would hide your friend’s tiffin, or pinch him or mock him in front of everybody just to pull his leg, and your friend while innocently falling for it, would come to tears, and sometimes even lose his temper. Remember what you would tell him? Gindnas Paeth Chukh

Cricket Controversy: Democracy’s Autocratic Act

Suspending Kashmiri students from a university reportedly for cheering Pakistan players during an India-Pakistan cricket match lays bare the hypocrisy of the world’s largest democracy, says Maria Syed Kashmir has come a long way from the days when people would observe a civil curfew – students bunking classes, traders downing shutters and closing businesses –