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Why I Worry About Muslims?

Why I Worry About Muslims?

Mohammad Hanif KARACHI, Pakistan — I worry about Muslims. Islam teaches me to care about all human beings, and animals too, but life is short and I can’t even find enough time to worry about all the Muslims. I don’t worry too much about the Muslims who face racial slurs in Europe and America, the

Dear Zubin Mehta, Can Your Chords Heal Kashmir’s Unhealed?

Zubin Mehta is slated to conduct Bavarian State Orchestra on September 7 in Shalimar Gardens on the banks of Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. Beethoven, Hadyn and Tchaikovsky are on the menu. Right from the day of its announcement, we have been told by the conductor and the organisers, the German embassy in India, that the concert is “apolitical”,