Tarigami backs Shah Faesal on ‘rapistan’ remark

SRINAGAR, JULY 12: While defending 2010 IAS topper Shah Faesal, who faces disciplinary action for his posts on social media, CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today said every person whatsoever his position may be is entitled to have an opinion on social issues in a democratic setup.

If Shah Faesal has expressed concern over the rising incidents of rape in South Asia, what is the harm in it? It is a fact that women in South Asia and even in India are increasingly feeling insecure due to rising incidents of violence, including rape, against them. An IAS officer is also a part of the society and if he voices concern over these issues, what is wrong in it?

For expressing the opinion on a grave issue like rape, Shah Faesal has been charged with “failing in maintaining absolute honesty and integrity in the discharge of official duty and thus acted in a manner unbecoming of a public servant.”

India is a democratic country and it can’t prohibit civil servants from voicing their opinion on societal issues. They cannot stay completely detached from the moral questions of the society. A ban on freedom of speech and expression is totally unacceptable in a democratic setup.

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