What Ails The Mainstream Politics in Kashmir

By Syed Mohsin Attiq

The failure of mainstream politics to strike its roots in Jammu and Kashmir has many reasons. Mainstream politics is yet to earn its due credibility and status all across ideological spectrum. The failure of mainstream is one of the underlying causes of acute mistrust between valley & national mainstream. Mainstream politicians take people for imaginary & idealistic political voyages, when they are in opposition. Once they attain power, their idealistic & polished political agendas take back seat of pessimism. NC has done it in past & PDP is presiding over it now.

NC president, Dr. Farooq Abdullah is nowadays trying his level best to become champion of democratic & political aspirations. He is desperately lashing at New Delhi’s policies & is issuing hard hitting statements in respect of Pakistan-administered Kashmir.

His political statements & counter-statements have become matter of intense debate in Indian national media. Having said that, NC is resorting to worst kind of political treachery & duality. The growing separatist constituency in valley is due to the dark political chapters scripted by National Conference. The inability of common masses to acknowledge the national-mainstream is due to bulldozing of democratic aspirations on the part of NC. NC all along its political history has cheated public mandate for the sake of power. It was NC founder, who bulldozed 22 years of struggle of Plebiscite Front by branding it “Political Wilderness”.

Indira-Abdullah accord was first mass assault on internal autonomy of the state with a sole motive to embrace chair. The whole autonomy of the state was taken away in lieu of chair. The mass rigging of 1987 elections is another dark chapter in the history of National Conference. Had NC confronted its political opponents in a democratic spirit, the entire political future of the state would have been different. The seeds of separatism & militancy were sown due to utter disregard for public mandate.NC neutralized its political opponents with muscle power. The bombardment of PaK was the political advice of same Dr. Abdullah during the Parliament attack. In fact the gross failure of PDP-BJP government has provided him the opportunity to become messiah of common masses.

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Secondly, formation of PDP-BJP alliance was worst form of political treachery & power lust. Two divergently & ideological opposite entities embraced each other for the sake of power hunger, disrespecting their respective ideological constituencies. PDP did it in valley & BJP enacted it in Jammu.

PDP cashed on its old rhetoric of soft-separatism and succeeded in cheating democratic aspirations of common masses. The political tool of healing touch & self rule were shamelessly utilized to cheat public mandate.PDP promised to script & start a new phase of political reconciliation. The initiation of dialogue & release of political prisoners were on its top of agenda. It promised it keep BJP out of power. Now almost 3 years down the line, PDP has slaughtered its own political agenda in order to stick to power. There seems no headway in order to state a credible dialogue with all shades of political opinion. The mainstream space is shrinking fast. The alienation & mistrust are becoming highlighting features of this unholy regime. The last remains of internal autonomy are being taken for burial not to talk of self-rule. Every space of political dissent is being choked with muscle power. PDP has in fact failed to evolve as a credible alternative to National Conference.

Last but not the least, the political regimes thrust from Delhi are not making any good to the idea of India. In turn it only adds to the failures of mainstream and widens political alienation & mistrust. Kashmiris are not dumb-driven cattle, who can be taken for a ride.



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