Women Can Wear Nighties Only at Night In this Andhra Village

West Godavari (Andhra Pradesh), Nov 10: Women in Tokalapalli village of Andhra Pradesh’s West Godavari district are reportedly forbidden to wear nighties during the daytime. It is because the elders of the village have decided that no woman should wear nighties from 7 am to 7 pm.

After reports of the new rule surfaced in local media, village’s Tehsildar Sundar Raju and police sub-inspector Vijay Kumar visited the area to analyse the situation. However, to their surprise, no woman came forward to oppose the decision.

In fact, the women in the village are happy to follow this rule and also dismissed the rumour about fine being imposed on them for violating the order. “Women in the village have taken a decision not to wear night dress in the daytime and informed the elders in the village. It was then that they gave a specific time slot but there is no rule to collect fines from women who violate the time slot,” a woman said.

Another villager said that they are “very happy” to follow the rules which were created by all the women in the village. “We all collectively took this decision to respect and follow our tradition,” she added.

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